Give Your Cardiff Property The Strongest First Impression On The Market Give Your Cardiff Property The Strongest First Impression On The Market


As a homeowner, you need an accurate market appraisal to help you plan a successful move.

After all, the price you could get for your home is a significant number. It will affect your new home choices – even influence whether (or not) you put your property on the market.

Your asking price also affects the market response… That’s why our in-depth market appraisals consider a full range of factors – to help your place make the strongest first impression on the market.

Here’s what we’ll consider:

  • The buoyancy of the local property market
  • Your home’s location, condition, and unique features
  • The current demand for properties like yours
  • The price (and speed) similar properties have sold for
  • The comparable prices of equivalent properties on the current market
  • Whether you want a quick sale or whether you’re willing to hold out


What to expect after your home’s been priced

After weighing up all these factors, we’ll recommend a ‘for sale’ price in writing.

Your price will be our professional opinion as to what your home is really worth.

Rest assured we’d never overinflate its value – just to secure your business. Whilst a high valuation can be tempting, an unrealistic asking price is not in your best interests. It can put buyers off, reduce interest in your home, and eventually lead to unnecessary, costly reductions (all of which are very frustrating).

It’s why you can trust us to be transparent and upfront about what you can expect – to prevent disappointment in the long run.

We’ll also explain how we plan to market and showcase your property – Remember… every sales strategy is different and tailored to your needs. For example, where your property will feature, how we’ll arrange and organise viewings, and how we’ll communicate with you and your potential buyers.

And our overall aim… That you end the process feeling confident you’ve found the perfect buyer who buys your property at a price, which feels right.

So you see there’s nothing to lose… Hern & Crabtree market appraisals are free with no strings attached! So if you’re ready to discover how much your home is worth, simply complete the quick form below.

We’ll call to book a convenient time. Remember, our diaries work for you. 

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